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Run, Sleep, Eat, Repeat

We drove onto a clearing and there we saw them, a Southern White Rhino with her tiny calf, just a few days old. The mother and even her calf seemed relaxed. This is highly unusual as baby white rhino calves see better than their mothers and they are usually more skittish too, taking off and heading for cover ahead of their mothers. This young calf was however relaxed and keeping our distance so as to view their natural behaviour, I took out my 600mm lens and the following few hours were arguably the best of my entire career...

The baby girl was busy finding her feet and at first she started running in small circles around her mom.

Soon the little girl found her rhino legs and as she gained in confidence, she began to stride out, leaving the safety of her mother and gamboling about on the plains, with a reckless abandonment that was an absolute joy to witness.

It did not take long for the little girl to grow weary of her running. Learning to run is tough work you know and so she took a little nap.

She only napped for a few minutes though. After waking she was hungry. But, she could not remember where to find milk. Were her mother's teats between her front or back legs?

Eventually she found a teat and they are of course between the back legs but our little baby girl was still learning this.

After nursing the baby girl stayed by her mother's side for a few minutes before repeating the entire run, sleep, eat cycle. She repeated this about ten times and in the exact same order every time.

The end

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