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Africa Photo Workshop

See my new Botswana and South Africa Predator Workshop here.

Space for only 3 photographers so book NOW!

What is the idea behind your Africa photo Workshop?

On regular African Safari tours you do not necessarily learn more about your camera and wildlife photography. Most safaris are also not specifically designed for photographers and nor do they ensure that at the end of your safari, you have captured the essence of your African safari photography tour. Are you an avid amateur photographer or even a semi-professional wanting to take it to the next level? Are you perhaps a novice photographer wanting to learn how to take good images? Perhaps you are someone who has never before picked up a camera but you would like to learn how? Are you simply trying to capture unique images so that your safari might live on in your memory (and on your walls) back home?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an Africa Photo Workshop or one of my upcoming Africa photo safaris is a must!

How it started...

Although I have spent a large portion of my career living permanently in the bush, whereby I have been unable to offer my expertise to other wildlife photographers on Africa photography tours - sharing my passion for Africa and photography is something that has always been close to my heart. In March 2008, I started my freelance career and as such, I decided to set aside time to offer private guests and safari operators alike, my services as an expert photographic guide in the African safari travel industry. Since launching my Africa Photo Workshops, I have joined guests on Africa photographic tours across the continent and my schedule has become so busy that I now, as a professional wildlife photographer, have to set aside specific time for my own private photographic trips.

You have a professional photographic adviser close at hand....

The concept is simple in that I will join you at the starting point of your safari, wherever in Africa it might be. From there, we will go on safari together with me accompanying you as your personal photographic guide. My general role when hosting an Africa photo workshop can be simply defined as: "to teach photographic skills and increase photographic knowledge in an informal, fun and practical manner - thereby ensuring that guests maximize the full photographic potential of their safari".

The above is achieved mostly whilst out in the field, on a safari drive or bush walk, whereby I will be close at hand to answer questions and to make specific, relevant recommendations regarding camera equipment, settings (ISO, shutter speeds), creative techniques, compositions etc. The objective though is always to create an environment whereby you are able to capture the best photographs possible, thereby making the most of every photographic opportunity on your safari.

The degree to which I will make recommendations will vary from person to person. Some photographers prefer to be left alone in their own creative space while photographing. Many prefer subtle hints and tips, while yet others want to be advised on exact camera settings and techniques. No matter what your preference, I have the necessary experience (and personality) to adapt my style, so that your personal photographic experience is enhanced.

You have an animal behavior and light expert close at hand:


I am also there to advise on animal behavior and to draw your attention to any unique photographic opportunities that might arise. By liaising closely with the driver, I will ensure that you are best positioned for the available light or to capture any unique animal interaction. Much of wildlife photography hinges on local bush knowledge and the skillful handling of light. While I focus on these aspects, you have more freedom to apply your technical and creative skills.

You have the option of lessons and feedback:

Lastly, I will be at hand back in camp to unpack your various photographic experiences, facilitating conversations around all aspects of photography. One of the best ways to learn is by receiving feedback on your own images! With a professional photographer close at hand, you are able to ask specific questions about those aspects of photography that you find challenging. Do you want to master your flash or are you wondering about which piece of equipment to buy next? I travel with an entire workshop on my mac-book and I have lessons concerning any and every aspect of wildlife photography!



Whether you are a budding beginner photographer wanting to make sure your African safari tour is a success, or whether you are a serious amateur or semi-professional wildlife photographer, I would like to expand your photographic horizons.

To join one of my Africa Photo Workshops, see a list of my exciting upcoming Africa Photo Safaris.

The end...

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