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with acclaimed African wildlife photographer GREG DU TOIT

If you are a photographer wanting to experience the best photographic safari or workshop in Africa then you are on the right page! The African Photo Safaris and African Photography Workshops listed below do not only guarantee you full memory cards but exceptional photographs too. Not only do they offer you the very best predator and wildlife action available on the continent but you will enjoy an authentic African experience, not a contrived or touristy one...

Being a photographer myself I know what you want: You want to be in the right position at the right time to capture that incredible moment. You want to spend quality time in quality locations on quality wildlife sightings. You want to return home with exceptional and unique photographs. You want maximum freedom and you do not want to see too many other vehicles, nor do you want too many other photographers on your own vehicle. You want guidance from a professional wildlife photographer who knows how to position you and how to advise you on camera settings. Join me on any one of the below safaris or workshops where I offer you all this and more. I offer you an authentic photographic experience and award winning photographs. I offer you a trip of a lifetime! Read recent comments from guests hosted on my African photographic workshops and safaris on my Guest Testimonials page. 

Still got questions you need answered? See my detailed FAQ pages and put your mind at rest. 

Read detailed itineraries of my Africa Photo Safaris and African Photography Workshops in the table below and on the next page...

Masai Mara Signature Predator Safari

2019 Tour Dates: 

8 - 15 Jan FULLY BOOKED!

The single largest complaint about the Masai Mara, and one which causes photographers to seriously miss out, is the excessive amount of vehicle traffic. This need not be the case and as an African born wildlife photographer, I can attest to the Masai Mara being the 'hands down' wildlife mecca of Africa, and possibly even of the world. It makes sense then, that during my career as a professional wildlife photographer, I have had to learn how to photograph in the Masai Mara and over the last 14 years, I have indeed learnt a great deal about this incredible ecosystem. I have figured out how to avoid the crowds so that I can extract award winning photographic results. On this safari I share my Mara recipe with you:

One of the best kept secrets is to visit the Masai Mara when the migration is not there. The amount of vehicle traffic is half of what it is during the migration time and because only the wildebeest migrate, all the predators are not only still in the Mara at this time of year, but they are hungry too. They are in fact far more active than they are during the migration, when an overabundance of food brings on a lethargy. 

Not only are all the predators still in the Masai Mara but even out of migration season, the amount of general plains game like zebra, giraffe, gazelles, elephant, hippo, warthog, jackal (the list goes on and on) are still in such abundance that the Masai Mara, even out of migration season, is STILL the absolute wildlife mecca of Africa. 

So, if you would like to photograph the true bounty of Africa and to enjoy the iconic great plains of East Africa at a time of year when the tourist hordes are absent, then this is the safari for you. By combining two camps we will be situated both in the heart of the reserve as well as in a private conservancy, where we can photograph with freedom, enjoying sightings off road. This safari has only space for 3 photographers. We are keeping it small so that each photographer can photograph with plenty of space in the vehicle. We also have open vehicles and not the traditional safari trucks that only give you a top down perspective. We have reserved the very best driver guides whom I have worked with for many years and who understand our needs as photographers. For this safari we have waived all single supplements and we have tried to keep costs to an absolute minimum. 

As an extension to this trip of a lifetime we have no fewer than 6 very exciting options which include the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, the Wild Dogs of Laikipia, the Elephants of Amboseli and the Rhinos of Mount Kenya (details of each on the link below).

To join me in the wildlife mecca of Africa and for full itinerary details, complete with a portfolio of photographs all taken in the Masai Mara click here 


Great Rift Valley - Helicopter Safari
by private charter

2019 Tour Date: 14-19 July FULLY BOOKED!

2020 Tour Date: 11-16 July Only 4 spaces available

Fly into uncharted territory, to a place that's ancient and wild, a place where man and beast still coexist and where the scenery, sights, sounds and smells transport you back in time. It is here that I found a waterhole close to the wall of Kenya's Great Rift Valley and where I spent 16 months photographing the wildlife of the south rift valley. The project lead to a sell out National Geographic exhibit as well as an Africa Geographic cover story titled 'Living on the Edge'. This is a corner of Africa that is yet to be photographed by the masses, a place so wild and free that time has stood still. It is a true wilderness, guarded and kept by the traditional Maasai tribes-people. This safari offers you truly unique imagery, making this a safari unlike any other.

The south rift valley of Kenya is home to the most traditional Maasai left in East Africa. You will get to see and photograph their customs and traditions and you will learn the true meaning of the word 'conservation' from Africa's own original conservationists. You will also track down free-ranging lion with lion researchers and you will photograph the wild frontier that is Lake Natron from a helicopter. This is the largest breeding ground in the world for Lesser Flamingo. You will gaze upon the beasts and plains of Africa's Great Rift Valley as you explore some of Africa's wildest country. Your exclusively booked camp is situated in splendid isolation on the banks of a hidden river and from this base, you will explore the floor of the Great Rift Valley without seeing other tourists. I invite you to come and experience 'real Africa', the way it once was. 

Full itinerary details of the unique and specially designed activities on the link at the bottom. This safari really offers it all from East Africa savannah to the dusty floor of the rift valley. The experience includes lakes; rivers; lions; research; cultural photography; bird and landscape photography from the air; plains game; big game; mountains; kayaking; predators; wilderness; rare animals and much much more. Only space for a maximum of 4 participants and only one departure per year on this highly exclusive safari. Travel is by private chartered planes and helicopters.

There are no fewer than 6 exciting tour extensions offered on this tour including the remote north of Kenya, rhinos and wild dogs of Laikipia, elephants of Amboseli and Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda. All details on the link below.

Click here for full itinerary details...

Botswana and South Africa Predator Workshop 

2019 Tour Dates:

19-27 June

7-15 August FULLY BOOKED.

Limited to only 3 participants, this workshop has been specifically designed around predators and big game. This is an Africa photo workshop that promises to deliver on all fronts. You will return home not just having furthered your personal photographic skills but also with awesome images of Africa's big cats, including exceptional photographs of Africa's shyest big cat, the leopard! You will also see the endangered rhinoceros as well as all of Africa's wonderful and iconic creatures like giraffe, zebra, hippopotamus, baboons and warthog to name but a few. This is also a 'big five safari' which means that you will photograph lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo all carrying out a wild existence in one of Africa's largest remaining ecosystems.

We have timed this workshop to coincide with what is traditionally the best time to photograph and you will be taught how to photograph portraits in super low light conditions, using flashes and spotlights at night. You will also be taught how to capture predator action, as we push the boundaries of modern-day digital photography. Accommodation is wonderfully comfortable in air conditioned suites with electricity to charge cameras and batteries in your room. Did I mention the eye-level hides we will be using, built exclusively for photographers. 

Watch a video of a leopard kill we saw on one of our predator workshops here...

Click here to see a portfolio of leopard images taken on the same locations as this workshop. I look forward to teaching you my personal recipe for low-light photography.

An extension to this safari will see you photographing both big cats and meerkats on the same safari. Great white sharks, flowers of Namaqualand and the sardine run are also offered as extensions to this workshop (all details on the link below).

If the sound of this big cat safari grabs you, then click here for a detailed itinerary...

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