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Mud, Sweat and Ears

As some of you might recall, I love sitting in waterholes. Yes, you heard me correctly, INSIDE waterholes (as in #insidethewaterhole). If you not familiar with my work then here is a previous blog post for you to read called Blood Sweat and Photographic Tears. And here is a documentary for you to watch about my exploits with nomadic lion around a waterhole in Kenya. Now back to this post, for the last 3 years I have been staking out my favourite waterhole in Botswana and here is a short but crazy You Tube video of my antics titled 'Inside the Waterhole'. During these last three years I have collected thousands of elephant images, all shot at not quite eye-level, but let's rather say 'toenail level'. Below, I share a montage of my favourite elephant shots from the waterhole with you. I have not included any text as photography is a language on its own and I want this unique collection of photographs to stand alone, to speak to you. Enjoy them, it took me 3 years to assemble and one or two, let's just say, hairy moments...

Follow my waterhole exploits on Instagram here and watch out for the #insidethewaterhole hashtag

To see larger versions of these images follow my 500px account here

The end.

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