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Ngorongoro Crater Signature Safari with Southern Serengeti and Ruaha extensions

This 7 night (6 day) safari is booked on a pvt request basis only and the best months to do the safari are in April and May each year.

It has been dubbed the 8th natural wonder of the world and there is quite simply no place like it on earth. The Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also the largest inactive and intact volcano in the world. It is the undisputed Eden of Africa. So why has it taken me all these years to put together a photographic safari to this icon of Africa? Well, I have visited the crater extensively for the last six years, searching for a way to unlock its photographic potential and finally I have discovered the secret. I now share this secret with you so that you can get awesome and unique photographs.

The Ngorongoro Crater affectionately known as ‘the crater’ is nature’s own version of Jurassic Park. Surrounded by 360 degree and 600m (1968ft) high walls the crater is the largest intact and unfilled caldera in the world. At the bottom you find Africa’s most incredible ecosystem where some of the largest elephant bulls roam plus big cats and black rhinoceroses, not to mention a smorgasbord of plains game. It is an ancient, timeless place of wonder and unspeakable beauty. This is a bucket list item and something everyone who loves Africa just has to see at least once in their lifetime!

This photo safari is specifically designed with photographers in mind from every aspect: There are only three people per safari as it is vital that each photographer has their own row so that you can shoot out the left and the right. This safari has also been very carefully timed so that there are moody skies, incredible backgrounds and dramatic light. At this time of year there is almost no one else in the crater so you will have the place to yourself. If you are a photographer who enjoys playing with light and lines and if you enjoy composing your shot and capturing frames that show an animal in its environment then don’t miss this safari. It is also a great safari to see predators in action, as the crater is jam-packed with predators and prey alike. The chance of seeing predator action is therefore high due to the confined space that the predators and prey live in. Expansive views of forests and green plains await.

For a full detailed itinerary complete with a portfolio of images (captured in just 7 days spent in the crater) click here...

Masai Mara Signature Predator Safari

2018 Tour Dates:

12 - 25 Jan FULLY BOOKED!
23 - 30 Oct FULLY BOOKED!
Email me here now to place your name on the 2019 waiting list.

The single largest complaint about the Masai Mara, and one which causes photographers to seriously miss out, is the excessive amount of vehicle traffic. This need not be the case and as an African born wildlife photographer, I can attest to the Masai Mara being the 'hands down' wildlife mecca of Africa, and possibly even of the world. It makes sense then, that during my career as a professional wildlife photographer, I have had to learn how to photograph in the Masai Mara and over the last 13 years, I have indeed learnt a great deal about this incredible ecosystem. I have figured out how to avoid the crowds so that I can extract award winning photographic results. On this safari I share my Mara recipe with you:

One of the best kept secrets is to visit the Masai Mara when the migration is not there. The amount of vehicle traffic is half of what it is during the migration time and because only the wildebeest migrate, all the predators are not only still in the Mara at this time of year, but they are hungry too. They are in fact far more active than they are during the migration, when an overabundance of food brings on lethargy.

Not only are the predators still in the Masai Mara but even out of migration season, the amount of general plains game like zebra, giraffe, gazelles, elephant, hippo, warthog, jackal (the list goes on and on) are still in such abundance that the Masai Mara, even out of migration season, is STILL the absolute wildlife mecca of Africa.

So, if you would like to photograph the true bounty of Africa and to enjoy the iconic great plains of East Africa at a time of year when the tourist hordes are absent, then this is the safari for you. By combining two camps we will be situated both in the heart of the reserve as well as in a private conservancy, where we can photograph with freedom, enjoying sightings off road. This safari has only space for 3 photographers. We are keeping it small so that each photographer can photograph with plenty of space in the vehicle. We also have open vehicles and not the traditional safari trucks that only give you a top down perspective. We have reserved the very best driver guides whom I have worked with for many years and who understand our needs as photographers. For this safari we have waived all single supplements and we have tried to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

As an extension to this trip of a lifetime we have four very exciting options which include the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, the Wild Dogs of Laikipia, the Elephants of Amboseli and the Rhinos of Mount Kenya (details of each on the link below).

To join me in the wildlife mecca of Africa and for full itinerary details, complete with a portfolio of photographs all taken in the Masai Mara click here

Big Cats of Londolozi Signature Workshop

2017 Tour Dates:

7-12 December FULLY BOOKED!
Email me here now to place your name on the 2018 waiting list.

This one-of-a-kind 5-night workshop has been specifically designed around big cats. You will be taken the home of big cats – Londolozi Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Londolozi is where big cat safaris began and it is still the best location in Southern Africa to photograph the three large cats of Africa - the lion, leopard and cheetah.

To make this workshop truly special, you will not only receive expert one-on-one photographic tuition from a professional African wildlife photographer but you will also receive a signed copy of the book Phototips - Getting it right in camera. Even more exciting is that Londolozi has a photography studio where you will be taught how to edit photographs for print as this is an art form in and of itself. You will then print a canvas photograph from one of your own images taken on the workshop, which you will take home as a gift, all included in the cost.

One limiting factor with regards to photographic safaris is always having to lug your heavy camera gear all over the place and also not having the best or latest gear to do your photography justice, especially in super low-light conditions. That is why for this workshop you can rent your dream camera gear and it will be waiting for you in your room at Londolozi when you arrive. After the workshop is complete, we will return the gear for you. This means that you have absolutely no heavy camera gear to travel with on any stage or leg of your travels.

Only three people per workshop and only one workshop per year! This workshop is very different to others in that it has been purposely timed to coincide with the green season of Africa. This is a time of plenty, a time of spectacular storms and light, a time when the bush bursts forth and all forms of life emerge. If you want to photograph Africa from dung beetles to giraffes and everything in-between then click here for more details

Signature Private Photo Safaris

If you would prefer a private photo safari or workshop then please contact me via email here. I offer eight acclaimed private safaris which simply offer you the absolute best of each country and region. Each itinerary includes the iconic destinations plus 'off the beaten track' destinations for connoisseurs.

Ultimately, each itinerary is bespoke, fun, adventurous and of course photographically rich. Being born in Africa and as an ex-safari guide turned professional wildlife photographer, I relish the opportunity of being able to offer a holistic private guiding service.

After you have reviewed an initial suggested outline of your safari, we will then tailor the itinerary according to your level of style, comfort, personal preferences and photographic objectives for the trip. Below is a list of private safaris but no itineraries are linked as each pvt safari is truly bespoke. For your own personal itinerary drop me a line on email here...

Best of Kenya Safari
Best Of Tanzania Safari
Best of East Africa Safari

Best of Zambia Safari
Best of Zimbabwe Safari
Best of Namibia Safari
Best of Botswana Safari
Best of Southern Africa Safari

If you would like to visit any other part of Africa (for example the Congo, Ethiopia, Chad etc) contact me via email here...

For some Ideas see my private photo safari page and remember that the listed safaris can be combined to offer you the ultimate safari experience.

See guest testimonials from previous safari guests here...

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